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求大神帮忙!!!!英文介绍苹果公司4-6分钟,最好能包括苹果公司一路走来的重大事情以及各大发明的作用及影响,最好顺带介绍下乔布斯本人,谢谢!!!!!!!!!! , 苹果四手机是什么时候发明出来的 , 你们说磁共振无线充电成熟吗? ...

求大神帮忙!!!!英文介绍苹果公司4-6分钟,最好能包括苹果公司一路走来的重大事情以及各大发明的作: Apple’s stunning growth over the past decade has been one of the biggest stories in all of tech. Even as the company released new product after new product, and grew larger and larger, its growth rate continued to accelerate, far surpassing its competitors.
For the past ten years, Apple has posted year-over-year revenue growth every quarter, almost always more than 25% and frequently more than 50%. In that span, it’s gone from a company with less than $2 billion in quarterly sales to one with (once) more than $50 billion. For two quarters in a row in 2011, as the iPad and iPhone both picked up steam, Apple posted growth rates above 80% — each quarter representing more than $10 billion in new sales from the year prior. That’s just crazy for a company that big.
But now, that unbelievable growth rocket has come back to earth. Apple’s most recent quarter,reported today, showed just 1% growth over last year. And it’s not a fluke: Growth has sloped down for more than a year. After a great winter in 2011-2012, when Apple’s sales grew 73%, then 59%, it’s been 23%, 27%, 18%, 11%, and now 1%. For its next quarter, Apple expects growth ranging from 3% to a 5% year-over-year decline.
What happened? Some of it’s just funny timing: A product launch early one year then late the next. Inventory adjustments as products mature and markets settle — this played a role in this past quarter’s weakish iPad sales, for example. This year, in particular, Apple has been quiet on the new-gadget front, as design boss Jony Ive rehauls its iOS operating system, presumably for new iPhones, iPods, and iPads in time for Christmas. This is where arbitrary quarterly marking periods can sometimes cloud the lens.
But there’s also been a bigger-picture trend that Apple can’t just replicate: The vast shift towards smartphones and tablets — the “post-PC” revolution. Apple has captured this movement brilliantly, dominating the industry’s sales and profits despite selling relatively fewer, mostly high-end devices. And it may continue to do so. But that first-time adoption cycle isn’t going to happen again. At least not in the markets where Apple is strongest — and where carrier subsidies allow for such high profit margins — like the United States.
So what can Apple do next, assuming it wants to continue to grow? (A safe assumption.)
One obvious answer is to move downmarket in its existing product lines. This is always a tricky proposition with Apple, because the company swears it would never release a low-quality product that it isn’t proud of. (And it shouldn’t.) So far, this has meant selling old iPhones at reduced prices, which has been pretty successful. But if the growth is happening in even further-downmarket segments, Apple might have to even figure out something cheaper. Where will it draw the line, design- and quality-wise, to compete? We may find out this year if rumored low-cost iPhones are real.
Another possibility, of course, is to blaze into new markets. There’s been speculation for years that Apple will start to sell television sets. The latest chatter is about wearable computers — Apple gadgets for the wrist, à la Nike’s Fuelband.
The nice thing about wearables is that like smartphones — and unlike, say, desktop PCs — they’re the kind of device where everyone in the house will need their own, meaning a larger potential market, people-wise. But unlike mobile phones, there isn’t an established precedent for subsidies, carrier distribution, or even pricing, really. Can Apple design the kind of thing you’d want to wear on your body all day? We’ll see. Will that create the same level of demand, favorable pricing, and high margins that the rise of smartphones did? Probably not. Still, if it’s a hit, it could certainly fuel significant growth for Apple.
So that’s the big question going forward: Can anything propel Apple’s growth the way the iPhone and iPad did over the past 6 years, and the iPod and Mac before them?
Longtime Apple analyst Gene Munster asked a version of that question on today’s earnings call: “Are there product categories out there that are big enough to move the needle for Apple?” Apple CEO Tim Cook’s response: “We’ll see, Gene. We’re working up some stuff that we’re really proud of, and we’ll see how it does.” And, in typical Apple fashion, “We’ll announce things when we’re ready.”

苹果四手机是什么时候发明出来的: 2012年发布的苹果4

苹果手表4如果是全金属一体后壳也行,毕竟磁共振无线充电也发明出来了。再配合防尘防水,真香。: 当前市场中主流的无线充电技术有三种:电磁感应、无线电波和共振作用;主流的无线充电标准有四种:Qi标准、A4WP(Alliance for Wireless Power)标准、PMA(Power Matters Alliance)标准、iNPOFi技术。(备注:在CES2015大会上,A4WP与PMA两大阵营宣布合并为AirFuel)



美国旧金山当地时间2010年6月7日上午10点(北京时间8日凌晨1点),备受期待的苹果开发者年度盛 会WWDC2010(Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010)拉开帷幕。

苹果CEO乔布斯在开幕演讲中公布了新一代iPhone的名称为“iPhone 4”,在功能上新一代iPhone升级非常明显,很多方面超出之前的预期。

其中硬件方面包括全新的外观设计、革命性的Retina显示技术和IPS硬屏显示屏幕、三轴陀螺仪、A4处理器(主频1Ghz)、全新的拍摄系统等。2011年4月底,白色iPhone 4开始在中国内陆发售。

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